Texas Food Handler Card

$5.95 to $7.95 Texas Food Handlers cards. The State of Texas requires this training and certification to serve open food in the State of Texas. We provide optional city / county registration (required in some cities and counties), of your state credentials. Movie based. No reading, and no stinking test! Which others make you suffer through. Watch 5 short movies, you’re done! Instantly printable certificate. You can do this on your phone. We will follow up with an emailed certificate.

Tarjetas de manipuladores de alimentos de Texas $5.95 a $7.95. El estado de Texas requiere que esta formación y certificación para servir comida abierta en el estado de Texas. Ofrecemos opcional ciudad / condado (es necesario registrarse en algunas ciudades y condados), de sus credenciales de estado. Película basada. No hay lectura y no prueba que apesta! Que otros te hacen sufrir con. Ver 5 películas cortas, listo! Certificado para imprimir al instante. Puede hacerlo en el teléfono. Carta recordativa con un certificado enviado por correo electrónico.

ENGLISH Language Courses

1. Food Handler Course with no city / county registrations $7.95

2. – With City of Austin Registration $5.95

3. – With Tarrant County Registration $5.95

4. – With Williamson County Registration $9.95

5. – With Houston / Harris County Registration $7.95

6. – With Witchita Falls / Witchita County Registration $7.95

Cursos de Español

8. Food Handler Course with no city / county registrations $7.95

9. – With City of Austin Registration $5.95

10. – With Tarrant County Registration $5.95

11. – With Williamson County Registration $9.95

12. – With Houston / Harris County Registration $7.95

13. – With Witchita Falls / Witchita County Registration $7.95

Other Courses

14. – ANSI National Food Handler Course.(see note 4)

15. – Food Handler and TABC Bundle 16.95


1. Williamson County. Effective June 13, 2017, Williamson County no longer issues Food Handler Cards. State of Texas Certification is all that is required in Williamson County to serve open food.

2. The City of Plano no longer requires you to register your state food handler’s credentials with them. If you serve food in Plano, choose option 1 or 8 above.

3. Tarrant County no longer accepts transfers (Aug 2016). However, Texas Best Food Services Training courses have been specifically approved by the Tarrant County Health Department, and will be recognized on site as valid.

4. The City of Austin no longer requires us to pay $12.00 to register your certificates with them (5/25/2015). That brought the price down from $19.95 to $5.95.

5. National ANSI course: After being transferred to this site, scroll to the bottom. Spanish ANSI course is fourth from the bottom. English ANSI course is fifth from the bottom.

1. We have bright new shiny easier courses, recently (Dec. 2016), approved by the Department of State Health Services, DSHS, to meet new state requirements which recently became law.

Food Handler Education Bill

The Texas Food Handler Card Training Program came from a Senate Bill of the 80th Legislature, and concerns the accreditation of food safety basics to be taught to Texas Food Handler Card workers.

The act is meant to provide information and education for food safety education or training programs for food handlers.

The Texas Department of State Health Services, the Texas Food Handler Card Program, along with the the Certified Food Manager Program, promotes the health and safety of the people of the State of Texas by educating and training food service employees in the facts and operation of food safety to produce safe food products for Texas consumers.

State Laws place the food safety of a food institution on the Certified Food Manager of the operation. However, most cities and counties are progressively requiring certified food handling safety training for all staff, and a few require that this certification be registered with them.

DSHS Food Handler Card Program

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